Samuel the Plush Wolf

Model #: AAA-013-A
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  • Soft, squeezable, cuddly plush animal
  • Super soft, velvety-like fur
  • Baby blue, CorLiving pendant sewn securely in place
  • Designed for little hands and big cuddles
  • Appropriate for kids of all ages

Meet Samuel!

Samuel is the most loyal pet you will ever find. He is full of energy and likes to play all day. Samuel is a bit of a goof and a little clumsy but it only adds to his charm. He loves to sing and will wooowooo with you anytime. After a full day of playing, he loves a good cuddle on the couch and will be such a good companion to your family! He can’t wait to head to his furever home!

All net proceeds from the sale of this lovable cuddle partner will be donated to charity and their efforts in bringing joy to families. Find out more HERE


Assembly Required No
Product Dimensions 20"H X 0"W X 0"D
Product Weight 0.6 lbs.
Carton Shipping Dimensions 5"H X 12"W X 10"D
Carton Shipping Weight 1 lbs.