How To Pick the Best Umbrella For Your Space!

How to pick the best umbrella

Patio umbrellas are a key part of your outdoor décor and are among the most appreciated outdoor furniture accessories. They come in a variety of different sizes, styles, and shapes. Umbrellas can also be super confusing and littered with technical jargon, so we want to make it easy for you to pick the right umbrella for your space!

Types of Umbrella

There are three main styles of patio umbrellas, Tilting, Cantilever, and Table. The style you should get needs to be based on your main use of the umbrella.


Types of Umbrellas


Great for small spaces, this is a trendy pick because you can adjust the angle of your umbrella throughout the day to move with the sun! No need to get up and shuffle your patio space just move your canopy to your desired position!


You know when you're at a hotel rooftop or a swanky bar, and they have these lovely heavy-duty umbrellas to keep you cool while dining alfresco? That's a Cantilever umbrella. They are the fancy, more heavy-duty version of the tilting umbrella. They usually have a heavier base, so they are better in parts of the world where wind and summer storms are more prevalent. They also give you the option of full functionality, allowing you to move your umbrella up and down and side to side.


The table or free-standing umbrella is best used with, you guessed it... with a patio table! You will always want to check the pole diameter when buying this style to make sure they will fit through your pre-cut patio dining table.

What size umbrella should I buy?

Your umbrella's size depends on how much space you have, the style you want, and your budget. There is a rule of thumb when searching for an umbrella for your patio space, and that is:

Your umbrella should typically extend over your set up by 2 feet on each side. So if you have a chair set or a dining set you want to give your patio pieces a buffer so they are covered properly. 

What size umbrella should I buy?

Below you’ll find some simple solutions:

  • Table = 30-36 inches — Umbrella = 6-8 feet
  • Table = 38-48 inches — Umbrella = 9-11 feet
  • Table = 54-60 inches — Umbrella 11 feet or larger

What base do I need?

When it comes to bases, there is ALOT of options out there to weed through. You don't want your base too heavy, especially if you are a townhome or apartment dweller and you don't want it too light, or it could disappear in one of those lovely summer storms. So what should you be looking for? We have a cheat sheet to figure out what base best fits your umbrella.

 Umbrella Base Weight Recommendations:

  • 20 lb. Base – Used for smaller table umbrellas. Only suitable for 6′ table umbrellas.
  • 30 lb Base – Used for 6.5′ table umbrellas.
  • 40 lb Base – Minimum weight for free-standing umbrellas up to 4.5′. It can be used for table umbrellas up to 7.5′.
  • 50 lb Base – Accommodates up to 7.5′ free-standing outdoor umbrellas. It can also be used for table umbrellas up to 9′.
  • 70+ lb Base – These bases can be used for most free-standing umbrellas up to 11′. If you live in areas that experience high winds, you should consider a commercial cantilever outdoor umbrella

Now that you know your styles, sizes, and bases for patio umbrellas, you should be all set to grab the right option and enjoy your patio all season long!

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