Bed Frame Buying Guide

A bed frame is usually the focal point in most bedrooms. That means you'll want a well designed and sturdy one that will last for years. Depending on the design of the bed frame, you might need to purchase a box spring so it elevates your bed, however if you want to save money, choose a bed frame that is designed without the need for one.

There are many things you should consider before buying a bed frame such as what room the bed frame is going into, the amount of space available, the decor of the room, how easily movable the bed frame is, and your budget.

Here's what you need to consider when buying a bed frame:

Which Room Will the Bed Frame Go Into?

The bed frame you choose will depend greatly on the room that it's going into.

Master Bedroom - This is where you'll want to buy something that's both beautifully designed and well constructed as you'll want it to last a very long time. It is recommended that you buy the biggest bed possible for your room if you sleep with a partner. The extra space allows for a more comfortable sleep for the both of you.

Guest Bedroom - If your guest bedroom doesn't see much use, it's okay to buy something more budget friendly.

Kid's Bedroom - A bunk bed is always a great option if you need to maximize space, especially if it can be separated into two beds. This gives you more flexibility if your kids get their own rooms in the future.

How Big Is The Room?

The most difficult part in choosing the size of your bed frame is the balance between comfort and how it fits in your room. If you sleep with a partner, you'll want to have enough room on each side of your bed to easily get in and out of. But if you still want a larger bed but might be limited with space, you can push your bed against the side of a wall to maximize the space in your room.

Below is handy size chart to determine what size of a bed frame you'll need depending on the mattress you own.


Width (Inches)

Length (Inches)










California Queen






California King



What Is the Decor of the Room?

It is important to buy a bed frame that compliments the decor of your room because no matter how well designed a bed frame is, if it doesn't compliment your decor, it will look out of place.

The easiest style of bed frames to buy are ones that feature very clean lines and with minimal flourishes. Bed frames constructed out of wood also give a room more warmth which is important if you want to create a calming environment that promotes better sleep.

How Movable Is the Bed Frame?

Many bed frames do not disassemble into smaller pieces so you'll always want to measure doorways, hallways, and stairways to make sure the bed can be moved into your rooms. Make sure to mention these measurements when purchasing your bed frame so that the movers are able to make a note of it.

You can also purchase bed frames that are flat packed, which makes moving it into your room significantly easier.

What's Your Budget?

You'll always want to purchase the biggest bed frame that your space allows and because this item directly impacts your sleep, you should always buy the best you can afford. Never skimp on your mattress or bed as sleep is one of the most important factors that determine happiness and productivity.

Different Frame Styles

Canopy - A bed with a draped fabric cover supported by a four-poster frame.

Four Poster - A bed that features four tall posts, one in each corner. These look very lavish and can instantly create an upscale feeling in any bedroom. They offer a dramatic design statement so they might not be right for everyone's tastes.

Sleigh - Originally called French beds, these nineteenth-century design inspired beds feature a scrolled headboard and foot board.

Platform - Although platform beds are one of the oldest styles, they are making a modern comeback. A platform bed sits lower to the ground and features a clean, simple style. Perfect for those who want an uncluttered look in the bedroom.

Daybed: Designed to look like a sofa, daybeds generally hold a twin-sized mattress. Day beds are a very popular option in guest bedrooms, dens, or family rooms because they resemble a large sofa more than a bed.

Trundle: A low bed on casters that’s stored by sliding under another bed. These offer extra sleeping space in a pinch, especially for sleepovers and unexpected guests.